“Real salvation is to be provided with a culture that stays
faithful to the brand, to learn to truly be distinguished”.

Simona Corsellini philosophy is nourished by the creativity and values of clothing Made in Italy, for a style with a bold, feminine look that steps outside the box of conventional luxury.
An expression of the personality and taste of Simona Corsellini, Creative Director and founder of the brand, the name was established in 2015 and immediately set the standard, thanks to its ability to translate feminine elegance into Made in Italy creations with a global inspiration.
Simona Corsellini celebrates women, interpreting their aspirations and desires with a unique, distinctive style: a refined blend of cosmopolitan undertones and pure beauty that
experiments with contemporary style, creating new forms of couture that should all be experienced.

Simona Corsellini’s affirmation in the fashion system is a path made of passion and dedication. A woman who has transformed a vocation for fashion and elegance into her own profesison.
Simona gathers inspiration and trends, to then channel her creative vision in a style of life: Simona Corsellini. Energetic attitude and coordination have allowed her to, today, be a complete professional that is always in search of new challenges.

Simona Corsellini Collection is dedicated to femininity tout- court, which shines, both day and night. Micro and macro colored sequins, hand embroidery, timeless bustiers or very modern jumpsuits, all in one piece, alternate in many variations of being a woman.
The female body is revealed, desirable and hyper-sensual: the shoulders are defined, often squared, the splits giddying – even for the trousers –the cuts deep and the legs shown by a riot of structured, high-waist shorts, suggesting a sexuality that can be exhibited with ease and joy.